Cisco Secure Endpoint

You already have Secure Endpoint

Upgrade your endpoint protection and select the licensing that best fits your business’s needs.

Stop threats before they compromise your business

The sooner threats are detected, the faster businesses can recover. Secure Endpoint offers advanced endpoint protection across control points, enabling your business to stay resilient.

Powerful EDR capabilities

Stop threats with built-in or completely managed endpoint detection and response (EDR), threat hunting, and integrated risk-based vulnerability management from Kenna Security.

USB device control

Create, view, and manage rules so only approved USB devices are used in your environments. Deep visibility lets you see events like blocked devices when investigating compromises in device trajectory.

Integrated XDR capabilities

You get a unified view, simplified incident management, and automated playbooks with Cisco XDR, making our extended detection and response (XDR) approach the broadest in the industry.

Built-in Talos Threat Hunting

A resilient business is proactive. Thwart attacks before they cause damage, while also preparing for the future, with our human-driven threat hunting that maps to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.