Symantec messaging security for the cloud generation

Identify targeted attacks and protect email against threats, user error, and data leakage.

How do I keep my organization from being held hostage?

With multilayered protection that stops hijackers in real time by neutering their attacks.

  • Expunge ransomware attachments with isolation and sandboxing.

  • Unmask ransomware links in real time—even at click time—with link probing and analysis.

  • Block zero-day and evolving ransomware with threat intelligence powered by 175 million endpoints and 163 million web email users across the globe.

How do I ensure safe cloud adoption?

By considering comprehensive security that strengthens and secures Office 365 and G Suite.

  • Isolate malicious links and attachments to ensure they don’t hit your users’ inboxes.

  • Remediate attacks faster with analytics that provide deep visibility into targeted campaigns.

  • Reduce phishing risk with built-in security assessment and training tools.

  • Prevent data leakage enterprise-wide via integration with Symantec Data Loss Prevention and policy-based encryption controls.

  • Extend protection across SharePoint, One Drive, and internal email via integration with Symantec CASB.

Spear phishing is scarily sophisticated. How do we not get caught?

Employ a multilayered defense to insulate your users from innovative attackers.


  • Isolate email threats to prevent spear phishing, credential theft and ransomware.

  • Evaluate links for vulnerability in real time both before emails are delivered, and again at click time.

  • Anticipate future campaigns with intelligence gathered from previous attacks against your organization.

  • Pre-empt attacks with real-world threat simulations and built-in awareness tools, tracking readiness over time.