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Who is Netshield

Netshield (Pty) Ltd is a Pretoria-based company that specialises in electronic, mechanical, instrumentation, optical and technological research and development. It has vast experience in electronic, optical, mechanical, firmware and software development.


Established in 1994 Netshield is today a part of the Datatec group of companies, which is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange, through shares held in WestconGroup Southern Africa. The WestconGroup is a value added distributor of category-leading unified communications, network infrastructure, datacentre and security solutions.


With our detailed knowledge of the nature of local and international markets, Netshield has produced a range of products, instruments and services that are not just a collection of technical components, processes and features but are highly qualified and designed to satisfy your customer’s specific needs. We achieve this by supplying new, innovative products, solutions, instruments and services through our own global network of specialty resellers and strategic partners.

Netshield’s business areas include:

  • Network Infrastructure products
  • Datacentre & Environmental Management, Communications and Security products
  • Data cabinets
  • Access control, time and attendance, asset tracking and management products
  • Renewable energy, power devices and solutions
  • Mining and industrial products in the Health & Safety sector


All of these are backed up by its bespoke services which include: development and design, technical support and project development, solution architecting, backup services, support and products.


Competence, innovation, and integrity is the foundation of our relationships with our customers.


Mini Media Converters and Chassis

These Mini Ethernet fiber media converters with optional Small form factor (SFP) slots are powered from very durable 3pin South African plug based external AC power supplies. The units have link status forwarding capability, indicating remote connectivity failure and can be used in both table-top and rack-mount installations.



Media Converters /Transceivers

We stock only the best in international ‘bridging converters’ and local ‘true convertors’. Both ranges are of the highest quality and will meet your networking, video and industrial needs.



Industrial Ethernet Switches

The Netshield Industrial Ethernet (IE) switch uses standard Ethernet protocols and has rugged connectors and extended temperature switches suited for an industrial environment. Components used in plant process areas must be designed to work in harsh environments of temperature extremes, humidity, and vibration that exceed the ranges for IT equipment intended for installation in controlled environments.



Ethernet Switches with Fibre Ports

Looking for 10/100 switch that comes coupled with fibre ports? Then look no further. The Netshield ‘NSW’ range offers both non-manageable and web smart devices.



Power Over Ethernet

Take advantage of a flexible way to get Power over Ethernet (PoE) with the Netshield PoE midspan units. We provide a range of injectors, splitters or combined units.



Duplex Fibre Patch Leads

Our fibre patch leads are all duplex, allowing you to make use of them to both transmit and receive data. Our leads are available in a variety of lengths in both multi and single mode.



Cisco Compatible Cables

Tired of not being able to find a Cisco compatible cable to use within your network? We have a range of Cisco compatible cables that will assist with all sizes of network implementations.



1 GB SFP Expansion Modules

If you are looking to add 1GB fibre capabilities to your HP, Cisco, Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent or Avaya network switch, then the Netshield compatible 1GB SFP modules are perfect for you.



10 GB SFP Expansion Modules

Looking to add 10GB fibre capabilities to your HP and Cisco network switches? If so the Netshield compatible 10GB SFP Module is the answer.



Remote Environmental monitoring/control systems

With the NVIROMON-1S you get an environmental monitoring system that will assist with 24/7 monitoring of server rooms or remote sites, with particular reference to the data centre.



Self-contained Cabinets – Datacenter in a Box

One self-contained IP 54 mobile unit… and you have a full Data Centre in a Box. So now you can wheel in, plug and go an entire IT infrastructure all managed from a single IP address, in minutes.



Server room cabinets

Netshield 19” Cabinets are available in different sizes and can be floor standing or wall mounted. Heights vary from 4U to 47U and various depths are available.



Surge Protection for Small Office/Home Office applications

Protect your business and your home from unnatural power surges that manifest through your power or Telkom lines with a small business solution from Netshield.



Long-Life UPS

The new long life UPS available from Netshield is an Affordable, Compact, Easy to deploy device that gives you longer duration back up than a normal UPS. So, when the lights go off, you will be able to have between 4-6 hours back up depending on the load. Ideal to keep the TV, lights, cell phones, Laptop etc. going on in offices and households during load shedding. It comes standard with 3 plug sockets.


GSM Power Monitor

You can now gain access to easy and affordable, remote power monitoring with the new Simple GSM Power Monitor PH1. It’s simple, just plug it into a power plug on your premises that has GSM signal, install a SIM and SMS the number you would like to receive notifications on to the unit, and you will start receiving power failure notifications via SMS.



Inverter Battery Charger Systems

This unit creates a flexible power sourcing solution with a scalable battery bank acting as a power source when no power is available from any of the power sources.



Solar Trackers

Our solar trackers have the power to increase the energy produced by your solar panel array by up to 45%.The Netshield NPVT5 is a dual axis sun tracker that follows the sun vertically and horizontally to ensure that your solar panels are always directly sun-facing no matter what season it is.


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