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Xclaim. Introducing Big Business Wi-Fi For Small Businesses.

There’s nothing more vital to the success of your business than reliable wireless. Because if you’re not connected to the web, you’re not connected to your customers. And if you’re not connected to your customer, that can be costly.

So, in a world that’s so dependent on reliable wireless, there’s something all small business owners should know: Wi-Fi, as we know it, really stinks.


Why? Mostly because wireless companies only offer two flavors. They make huge, complicated systems for big businesses with deep pockets (not to mention sizable IT staffs), or they make overly simplified, feature-deficient systems that would seem more at home in your Mom’s basement. And chances are you aren’t running your business from there.


What’s missing, of course, is the wireless system that resides in between. A system that offers big-business features without the need for a dedicated staff to install and maintain it.

That’s where we come in. We’ve developed a new, incredibly simple approach to wireless. One that’s practically guaranteed to make small business feel like big business. Without the cost, complexity or headaches.



With an overwhelming number of options ranging from consumer Wi-Fi to cloud based enterprise solution, small businesses today are stuck with having to choose between insufficient functionality and cumbersome technology.

Consumer Wi-Fi solutions are designed for simplicity but do not have the reliability or scalability required to run a business.

Enterprise solutions vary in degree of complexity and functionality but are overlooked by small businesses as a result of the high prices and technical skills required to setup and configure them.








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